ULTRA Tough Collar Series

Tough bottle collars designed for life’s little bumps.

Taking bottle collars to the next level.  The ultra tough collar specification has been over-engineered to provide even more strength.  The specialised TPE overlay provides greater impact resistance than the super tough series.  It doesn’t matter whether your bottle is dropped, knocked or bumped or bumped, knocked or dropped time and time again, your ultra tough collar can take it whether your bottle is empty or full.  Say goodbye to the frustration of split collars.

Freezer Safe · Dishwasher Safe · BPA Free · Microwave Safe

Freezer Safe · Dishwasher Safe · BPA Free · Microwave Safe

Manufactured with premium grade, food safe, BPA free material that performs in real life situations. 

When the collar and insert are used together spills and leaks are avoided.

Compatible with: 

  • Medela (150mL & 250mL)
  • Baby Solutions (250mL)
  • Happy Baby (250mL)
  • Dymples (250mL)
  • Pigeon (120mL)
  • Grow (250mL)
  • other narrow neck baby bottles and some over teat caps
Ultra Tough Baby Bottle Collar SINGLE PACK: 1 Collar + 1 Insert

Single Pack:

  • 1 x Replacement Collar

  • 1 x Insert

Ultra Tough Baby Bottle Collar 2 PACK: 2 Collars + 2 Inserts

2 Pack:

  • 2 x Replacement Collars

  • 2 x Inserts

Also available in other combinations