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“The collars are amazing”

and have helped with our new baby girl and saved us money on buying new bottles. Thank you so much for thinking of this amazing product.


"Collars actually fit better than the original"

We have tried the new Baa Baa Bumps collars for a few weeks now.  They fit our Medela bottles perfectly, it is awesome to know that should we break a collar on these bottles we can now buy replacements and not the whole bottle, which seems to be the case with most bottles on the market.  The collars have had so much thought go into them, they have an ergonomic feel, with little grooves your fingers fall into and a perfect fit for bubs lips.  I feel these collars actually fit better than the original, our originals leak when we have mixed the formula, pop the sealing disc in and shake the bottle, these ones do not.  My bub is only 7 months so he does not throw or drop his bottle yet, but I am confident these collars will last the test of time.  On top of a great product, these collars come from an Australian owned and operated company.  I will be purchasing more when our originals start to deteriorate...Thank you for a great product.


What I like

You can keep them close and shake the formula with out any spillage, where as with the Medela collars I find the milk can spill out when shaking. I also like the look and feel of the product.

Fits Pigeon Bottles

I think this is a great idea. They are a cute colour and look amazing. I use the Pigeon slim neck bottles and they fit really well...IT IS THE BEST!!!  I have to wash it so much and it still looks brand new and has no sign of wearing - like the normal Pigeon ones.

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Pre-made Medela Milk

They fit the Medela pre-made milk available in the U.K.


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Top Quality Product

Once I received my Baa Baa Bumps baby collars in the mail I could see they were very good quality and I was excited to try them! I have Dr Browns...bottles. They are a top quality product and made well.