When Does a Mum's Day End?

Mum’s work hard everyday, day after day.  Baa Baa Bumps want to take a load off Mum and give her one less thing to worry about.  Sound too good to be true?  Well it’s definitely not. 

Take away the stress of bottle feeding and use quality products that are strong, durable, practical, offer good value for money and are 100% reliable.  Baa Baa Bumps collars won’t break under normal use and even when given a decent piff by our little ones.  Whether the bottle is dropped from your pram, knocked off the dining table, dropped out of the car door or even thrown in a tanty, they WILL NOT crack and split.

Make life easier, choose a product that’s reliable, attractive and best yet sustainable.  Rather than needing multitudes of bottles and collars, using Baa Baa Bumps means you will only need a few.  We are so confident in our product we stand by it.  So declutter your drying rack and start saving waste today.  Choose Baa Baa Bumps on your feeding journey.


Brand Compatibility

It was really important to us at Baa Baa Bumps to create a product that is beautiful, well-constructed and practical. Best of all, because they are compatible with most narrow neck bottles Baa Baa Bumps collars are totally interchangeable – now that’s practical!

Use your favourite bottle, your favourite teats and have the assurance of the strength that comes with Baa Baa Bumps collars.

Beautiful 🍼 Well Constructed 🍼 Practical