BEST thing I've seen in a long time...

Pure genius whoever came up with this GLOVE TRICK idea ... as applicable to babes in arms as our babes #3 who's nearly 4 and goes through stages of "please sleep with me Mummy". It quickly reminds me of those days and nights where our little ones refused to sleep, nothing seemed to work and our repertoire was exhausted ... I so wish we had known this one, its simplicity is brilliant!

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Collaboration - Nail Snail

Thrilled to be collaborating with a sensational new invention by some clever Australians. We met this wonderful couple at the Perth Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo in Perth. They have developed a revolutionary nail trimmer for 0-5 year olds that takes away the anguish of clippers. It works on a sliding motion that runs across the top of the nail with guides that prevent little one's from being cut. It's such a unique invention that it has won a Good Design Award, Big Innovation Award, Mumpreneur Award & shortlisted in the beauty baby awards. Plus it's fun design looks like a snail and is fully ergonomic.

Visit them at

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and the winner is....

Patricia and gorgeous 16 month old Arlo from Atwell who won our fabulous gift hamper that was on offer at the Perth Pregnancy Babies and Children’s expo. A big shout out to Patricia and family who was ecstatic to win - it was a pleasure to deliver it to you - enjoy!!

Happy winners - congratulations!!

Happy winners - congratulations!!

Hamper - filled to the brim with goodies every family needs

Hamper - filled to the brim with goodies every family needs

Fabulous Baa Baa Bumps stand

Fabulous Baa Baa Bumps stand

It's a wrap!!! Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo 2018

Setup complete...let the expo begin

Setup complete...let the expo begin

We’ve just completed our first expo!! Thank you, Perth Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo 2018 – what an exceptional event for our launch!! 

It was three full action-packed days filled with introducing our baby bottle collars to Perth.  11,047 people passed through the doors of the event and by how tired we are, most stopped at our stand!!  We are thrilled with how it went and the number of people we chatted to.  Our stand looked fabulous and we received fantastic feedback from everyone we interacted with.  Thank you, Perth!

Borrowing the neighbouring stand's mascot for a photo op!!

Borrowing the neighbouring stand's mascot for a photo op!!

It was busy...11,047 through the doors

It was busy...11,047 through the doors

When Does a Mum's Day End?

Mum’s work hard everyday, day after day.  Baa Baa Bumps want to take a load off Mum and give her one less thing to worry about.  Sound too good to be true?  Well it’s definitely not. 

Take away the stress of bottle feeding and use quality products that are strong, durable, practical, offer good value for money and are 100% reliable.  Baa Baa Bumps collars won’t break under normal use and even when given a decent piff by our little ones.  Whether the bottle is dropped from your pram, knocked off the dining table, dropped out of the car door or even thrown in a tanty, they WILL NOT crack and split.

Make life easier, choose a product that’s reliable, attractive and best yet sustainable.  Rather than needing multitudes of bottles and collars, using Baa Baa Bumps means you will only need a few.  We are so confident in our product we stand by it.  So declutter your drying rack and start saving waste today.  Choose Baa Baa Bumps on your feeding journey.


Brand Compatibility

It was really important to us at Baa Baa Bumps to create a product that is beautiful, well-constructed and practical. Best of all, because they are compatible with most narrow neck bottles Baa Baa Bumps collars are totally interchangeable – now that’s practical!

Use your favourite bottle, your favourite teats and have the assurance of the strength that comes with Baa Baa Bumps collars.

Beautiful 🍼 Well Constructed 🍼 Practical


Compatible with Medela

Did you know that the Baa Baa Bumps collars are compatible with Medela bottles? Medela is a global leader in baby feeding and a product that Australians love and trust.  The Medela products are often first introduced to you in hospital, whether it be the breast pumps for expressing or for bottle feeding.  Whichever way you are introduced to the products many families continue using the trusted brand in their parenting journey.

So that’s exactly why we developed a replacement part that is strong and durable to take knocks and drops from your little ones’ time and time again that fits these fantastic bottles.  Baa Baa Bumps solves your problem of collars constantly breaking when dropped on a hard surface.

So…no more frustration of split and cracked collars, no more rushing down to the chemist to replace the broken ones, no more spilt milk or formula, no more mess and best of all no more expense!! You no longer need dozens of collars you just need a couple of Baa Baa Bumps collars, as they don’t break, are dishwasher safe and can be put in your microwave steriliser.

We’ve built these little collars to be super and ultra tough to take anything your little ones can throw at them – we stand by it or your money back. So you have nothing to lose – buy some today and an added bonus is 20% off your first order when you sign up to our site.

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Baa Baa Bumps collars - compatible with Medela


Second shipment arrives in Perth

It was an exciting day as I received part 2 of my first order.  A lot of hard work has gone into taking my idea from concept to physical product over the last 2 years.  It's been an incredibly rewarding journey and I've met some amazing people along the way, who have been so generous in sharing their invaluable knowledge and experience.

The next phase is to focus on marketing to broaden exposure of the Baa Baa Bumps brand and products.  But all the hard work fades away as a huge smile takes over when I see my boxes of product, knowing how hard I have strived to get to this point.  It's all worth it as I hold on for the next wave of effort and excitement to see it out there on the shelves and being used by gorgeous new families.

A huge thank you to everyone as your support has been amazing!!




Why do bottle collars break?

Why do bottle collars break? Is it intended, is it an accident, is it a quality issue? Well whatever the answer, it’s enough to drive families crazy. How many bottle assemblies do poor families go through due to the breakages? Far too many, costing far too much!

Our new baby bottle collars are aimed to prevent the frustration and provide quality collars that don’t split and crack even when dropped from height full of milk! The Super Tough Series is manufactured using extra thick plastic to provide added toughness and the Ultra Tough Series incorporates a premium outer casing, taking it to the ultimate level of durability.

Baa Baa Bumps collars - avoid the aggravation, avoid the tantrums and have a few spare in the cupboard!